“You have one of the most beautiful voices. I love the warmth and the expression of your singing. You did such an amazing job with those Christmas songs! Mesmerizing…You’re quite an inspiration!”
– Inga, New Zealand

“I love your Christmas songs… They are all beautiful and heartwarming to listen to. You really give your Christmas songs an added bit of emotion and make them your own in style and sound. Perfect music for Christmas.”
– Sara, UK

“I ADORE your Christmas carol rendition – it has a modern touch and as usual… your lovely voice renders such tender emotion. Very original arrangement too!”
– Kathryn T., California

“What a hauntingly beautiful song Midnight Clear is… your voice is so angelic and I love the intro. Oh Holy Night is one of my favorite songs and yours is such a sweet and delicate version.”
– Janice, UK

“Outstanding job on your rendition of It Came Upon a Midnight Clear. It’s refreshing to hear updated versions of the classics.
– Stefan S., Washington, USA

“Loved your rendition of It came Upon a Midnight Clear!!! Wonderfully Sweet as Always.”
– Jan, New York

“Your rendition of Midnight Clear really captures some pure and authentic singing. It’s a very nice present.”
– W. Dire W., California, USA

“It Came Upon A Midnight Clear has got to be the most beautiful version I have ever heard of it! You sing so wonderfully! I just love your voice!”
– Sandi, North Carolina, USA

“I really love your It Came Upon A Midnight Clear. It gives me chills!”
– Tim S., California

“It Came Upon a Midnight Clear is a wonderful song!! Great voice as always, along with some magic and entrancing music from this classic one.”
– Stephane, Canada

“It Came Upon A Midnight Clear… just wonderful, perfect, you’re wide opening the sky all around with your velvet voice.”
– Alex, France

“Midnight Clear is lovely, very authentic. I think the Celtic spirit smiled on you.”
– Jan S., U.K.

“Yes an angel sings. Your version of It Came Upon A Midnight Clear is simply wonderful.”
– Frank H., Germany

“WOW!! It Came Upon A Midnight Clear, really amazing!! Fantastic version. I LOVE your voice!!”
– Riccardo V., Italy

“It Came Upon A Midnight Clear… very nice. I like it as I like the Ireland atmosphere.”
– Perry M., Italy

“Just listened to The Huron Carol and I am blown away, such a gorgeous tune and your voice is just so velvety with a beautiful production. Yes, you guessed it I love it! Absolutely love O Holy Night, one of my favorite festive tunes!”
– Celtic Chill, UK

“Pure magic and sweet dream is your Huron Carol and It Came Upon The Midnight Clear. Only you have that rare gift of spellbinding the listener, leave him breathless and eager to keep listening to your voice forever.”
– Leo, Argentina

“I just love your Huron Carol… Usually, I’m with Scrooge when it comes to Christmas but, sometimes, something moves me… Your wonderful voice does it this time.”
– Del, UK

“Wonderful Christmas Song The Huron Carol. It really touched my heart.”
– Marsha, Pennsylvania, USA

“O Holy Night is amazing… I am not afraid to say it is one of the best vocals I have ever heard on that song and I have heard it many times over the course of my life.”
– Jimmy P, USA

“Can’t say one has heard O Holy Night until one has heard it from you Tima. Sincerely, it sent chills down my spine, think I will renew with the holiday spirits this year.”
– Stephane B., Quebec, Canada

“Your version of O Holy Night is breathtaking! Really, really beautiful!”
– Kharen, Quebec, Canada

“O Holy Night has always been my favorite, and I have never heard it done as beautifully as your rendition. Thank you for the blessing you have given me.”
– Anna R., Lafayette, LA, USA

“I most thoroughly enjoyed your arrangement of O! Holy Night. Such a beautiful song rendered in an almost unbearably gorgeous manner, so simple, so true, so heartfelt. “
– Chip, Virginia Beach, USA

“Love O Holy Night! You have the voice of an angel”.
– Greg B., New York, USA

“O Holy Night – What can I say… Just wonderful… speechless…”
– Dick E., New York, USA

“Your rendition of Oh Holy Night is heartfelt and beautiful.”
– Bobby S., Virginia, USA

“It’s been a wonderful year for Healing with Harmony and one of the most treasured blessings is having your wonderful Christmas CD included in our last two kits of the year! I love your music and really look forward to including your music in future kits. I love your modernistic approach to Christmas Classics. In fact, I think I’ve already told you this but it deserves repeating… everyone that’s heard your Christmas songs comment on your voice, of course, 🙂 but also on the overall production. You’ve taken wonderful music and gave it new life. Truly AMAZING! No matter what music of yours I’m listening to…you carry us up and into your music with such ease. Such a blessing, you know? Such talent! 🙂 “
– Healing With Harmony, US